Feb 152006

Solaris 10の自宅メールサーバでCSWパッケージ群の更新(pkg-get -U -u)をおこなったところ、courier-authlibとcourier-imapの起動スクリプト群がSMF管理に変更されてました。

# svcs cswcourier
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         21:12:21 svc:/application/cswcourier:authlib
online         21:12:23 svc:/application/cswcourier:imap


# less /opt/csw/share/doc/courier-imap/README.CSW
# For Solaris 10 and later:
        SMF processing is added.

        There are two types of files used by SMF.  The service
        method file is located in /opt/csw/lib/svc/method.  The
        service manifest is located in /opt/csw/var/svc/manifest and
        subdirectory application for courier-imap.

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